The Rehab IT System

The Rehab IT System

This is a new online program we are running. It is essentially an injury specific program that can be done in the clinic, at home, or a combination of both.

We have chosen to use the IT suffix to emphasise that this program is essentially online, as opposed to ‘regular’ physiotherapy.

It is made up of 3 components:


Assessment of the injury using the latest athlete testing equipment, or through a series of self assessments at home guided by a physiotherapist.


This is a program of rehabilitation/correction exercises that will be prescribed to the client via our PhysiApp. This app provides programming details, videos and descriptions of exercises, and allows direct messaging (and video-conferencing if required) between client and physio. It also allows the physio to track the progress of the client through their program. The client can run their exercise program directly through the app, or can print off their program.


Once the injury has begun to heal, and we have corrected any biomechanics faults etc, the third phase is to commence loading the injury. This may include a guided return to running or sport until the client is back to 100%. We will also look to emphasise ongoing maintenance exercises to make the client more resilient to their activity and avoid a recurrence of their injury.

The RehabIT System
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