We are not like other physiotherapists. We are not a general practice.

At Grandstand Sports Injury Clinic we have a very specific focus on sports injury treatment & prevention. It’s what we are good at, it’s what we are trained in, it’s what we love. For years we have worked with elite athletes at the top of their game in Australia and around the world.

We believe every-body has the ability to be the best they can be – their own ‘personal elite’ level they want to attain. We are here to help you get there with…


“Alter G has allowed us to advance our rehab and conditioning of our players. We have been able to have players that are recovering from injury start to run at least a week and sometimes up to a month before they would have been able to normally. The Alter G is a great progression back to the field with minimal risk.”
– Bill TIllson, Head Athletic Trainer, AC Milan.


Sports Recovery Methods

In this video, we investigate simple recovery methods you can use in your training program for improved recovery, and allow you to train harder, longer. Make sure you watch to the end to see a unique way of making Ice Baths more tolerable!...

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