If you’re not measuring…

You are guessing

We’ve upgraded our assessment with AxIT


We don’t guess with your health and fitness

If you’re not measuring, you’re guessing. That’s what we believe and is the reason why we use the AxIT system, technology previously only used by elite sports teams, to measure how our clients move.

AxIT helps us to measure baseline movement strength and power data, identify imbalances from side to side, and track how you are progressing on your exercise journey toward your goals

Million dollar sports stars get assessed with the latest technology to make sure their bodies are always in top shape. Now you can too with an AxIT assessment.
AxIT is like a sports science lab for measuring every muscle and movement of the human body. Don’t guess with your health, contact us today to get an AxIT assessment.

We don’t assess it, we AxIT!

The AxIT system performs a complete performance assessment of strength and power for any muscle in your body, as well as the movements you need to perform in daily activities or sport, including squats, lunges, deadlifts, hops, jump, push-ups and many more.

We Set Baselines

An AxIT Assessment collects meaningful, actionable data measuring strength and power imbalances to identify key areas to be tracked over time.The leading choice to get the body moving and keep the human machine functioning optimally.

We Intervene

Using the research and data from the AxIT system we design better training and management programs, resulting in more targeted training and better health and fitness outcomes.

We Re-Assess

The AxIT system measures the effectiveness of the intervention within the session or after one week, one month or one year.

Your data is safely stored so you can always compare results and know that positive progression is being achieved and that your plan is on the right track to helping you achieve your goals.

Every Body is different… Understand yours with an AxIT Assessment