What’s in a quality Bike Fit? Anthony is joined by resident bike fit expert and Physio Paul, to discuss how a proper bike fit can improve cycling performance and reduce injury, particularly low back pain and knee pain.
Paul takes us through what is involved in a bike fit, including assessing the clients physical restrictions and matching the bike to accomodate these. Importantly, Paul discusses the need to determine whether to change the body to fit the bike, or change the bike to fit the body.
Each bike fit begins with a thorough physical assessment, conducted by a trained physiotherapist. These include joint range of motion tests, muscle length tests and functional tests.
Paul discusses whether you need to sacrifice comfort for performance, and how some changes to the bike set-up can improve both.
Once on the bike, Paul talks us through some of the factors he looks for in cycling postures using both the front-on and side-on views. We can see the improvements in the cycling position following Pauls Bike Fit.

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